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Tuesday, October 08, 2002


I forgot to mention last week that I reworked my links. Originally I had tried to put them in groups of two or three with a category header. Usually this was by geography (Australians), or by similar backgrounds (engineers from Southern California) or by oafish sexism (all the ladies). Trouble was there were too many bloggers who couldn't be neatly pigeonholed. Also the links were ugly I wrapped each blogger's name with descriptive text. This made the links a complete mess.

So I got rid of the sections and made one big list in alphabetical order. I yanked out the descriptions and reworked them as tool tips. Try putting your cursor over a link; you will see a colored rectangle pop up with a description. This is done using the TITLE attribute in A:

<a href="" title="Where he lives, it's already winter. Gave The Declarer its moniker.">Colby Cosh</a>



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