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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I reread one of my history books and realized that in my list of potential Civ III leaders for the Ottoman Empire, I had neglected Suleiman the Magnificent. Suleiman reigned from 1520 to 1566 and led Ottoman power to its zenith, conquering North Africa and destroying Hungary.

If you like history, you should take a look at the "map books" written by Colin McEvedy. These books are called The Penguin Atlas of XXX History, where XXX is Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Recent, African, and North American. (I got the information on Suleiman from the "Modern" book.) Colin details the rise and fall of nations by showing maps at various points in history, with a page of crisp and amusing commentary for each map. Most maps show national borders but some show literacy, religions, or cities and trade.

These books are good learning aids because they provide context and continuity; they show how different countries fared relative to each other over a period of time.



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