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Monday, November 25, 2002

Republicans and others are describing Nancy Pelosi, the new House Minority Leader, as a "San Francisco Democrat". Depending on your level of cynicism, you can translate this as "out of touch liberal" or "fag-loving liberal". In either case it's not going to make San Franciscans happy to vote Republican, but then the GOP hardly does better in SF than it does among blacks.

Al Gore's presidential campaign did something similar in 2000. They attacked Bush by portraying Texas as an open sewer. In the recent election, there was some buzz that the Democrats would contest the Texas Senate seat and the governorship, but they lost both and also the Texas house. I think a backlash against Gore's tactics is a possible explanation, though I have not seen anyone mention it. Certainly it's more intelligent to smear a city of 700,000 which massively supports the opposing party, rather than a state of 21,000,000 in which both parties are competitive.



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