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Thursday, December 26, 2002

To me visiting Little Green Footballs is a painful duty. This is not a knock on Charles Johnson, who seems like a great guy and works hard on his site. Nor am I criticizing the comment community; I think a lot of them are mouth-breathers but I am free to ignore them. The problem with LGF is that Johnson does such a good job exposing the horrors of the Muslim world.

Fundamentalist Muslims are like Nazis in that they overtly and gleefully offend the consensus on good behavior that the civilized world has painfully accumulated over the last few hundreds of years. There is almost nothing that a normal person from a halfway civilized country considers his obligation to polite society that cannot be offended by the facts reported in Little Green Footballs. Cruelty to animals, oppression of women, religious bigotry, use of children in war -- it's all there, and no one in Cairo or Nazareth or Islamabad is going to apologize for it. At some point a mullah will proudly declare that whenever he hears the world "culture", he reaches for his AK-47.

Here is a particularly striking example of the LGF article that makes me wince:

Two days ago the Islamic Ruling Committee in Al-Azhar, considered the highest religious authority for Sunni Muslims, announced that the acquisition of nuclear weapons is a religious obligation for Islamic states: New Islamic Ruling Calls for Nuclear Weapon Armament.
According to a member of the Islamic Ruling Committee, Sheikh Ala A-Shanawi, "The Islamic nation has to recognize the enemy, and to prepare itself accordingly." In answer to a question sent to Sheikh Ala A-Shanawi, he wrote, "Allah's messenger [the prophet Muhammed] would have prepared himself with all the resources possible in order to deal with the enemy. Therefore, if the Islamic nation is not equipped with the desired weaponry needed, it will be forced to suffer the consequences, and will be blamed for negligence."

Sheikh Ala A-Shanawi emphasized, "All Islamic nations are required to seize nuclear weaponry, giving the nation the utmost respect. We see how far behind our nation is as a result of not being prepared as well as it should be, while the enemy has equipped itself with the best weaponry there is, which it will use to harm and destroy Muslims." wrote A-Shanawi.

Islamic clerics agitate in favor of atomic weapons. Does A-Shanawi lead protests against conventional weapons? Has he been arrested for sneaking into an Al-Azhar military base to pry open the tops of cordite cluster bombs and stuff plutonium in them?

The next time someone gives you some hug-em-all Russians-love-their-children bullshit about how Islam means struggle and they're just like us and we have to try to understand, show them this article. And ask them if it would be conceivable, even in The Onion-style satire, to imagine a Christian pastor behaving like A-Shanawi.



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