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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Yesterday I ran across a blogger who said that Christmas is the Jewish day to enjoy movies and Chinese restaurants. My friend Eric said the same thing about movies. Sherry and I found out how right they were yesterday.

Last Sunday we had tried to see The Two Towers and found that the showing was sold out. No problem, I said; we'll see it on Christmas day. I wasn't sure if anyone would be at the theaters; on the way out we stopped to visit Eric, and he made his comment. Still, we planned to get there an hour early, buy tickets, and get a bite to eat. How bad could it be?

When we got to the theater -- the Mercado in Sunnyvale -- we could see a massive line in front of the ticket booths. Sherry got in line and I looked for parking. On the way to meet her I looked at the displays in the ticket booths, and Two Towers was sold out. Anyway even if we could get tickets, the line was a good 20 to 30 minutes long and there was nowhere nearby to eat.

So we went to a Chinese restaurant! There was a Szechuan place that we had wanted to try, and they were open. We had a kung pao chicken that was soggy and unremarkable, and some crawfish with chili peppers. The crawfish were good, and the sauce had peppers you rarely see in America called huajao. Huajao means flower pepper; it's like a hollow peppercorn. It has a black pepper taste and numbs your mouth.

Christmas is one of the three great American holidays; it is by far the shortest of them. The Fourth of July is at the height of summer and features outdoor activities during the day, and fireworks at night. Thanksgiving has massive amounts of food and lots of football. But Christmas is over by noon. What else is there to do in the evening but go to the movies?



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