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Thursday, December 12, 2002

You've seen the hysterical projections that war with Iraq would cause gasoline prices of $4 per gallon. But could war cause silk carpets to be priced at $100 per square foot?

I received a circular in the mail yesterday. It was a folded card, and on the front says "Has Your View of the World Changed Lately"? When opened, it says:

Ours Has...

With political unrest in the Middle East, we can no longer travel safely to the areas where we buy fine rugs.

If we cannot personally select each rug to assess its quality, we will not add it to our collection in good conscience.

After advising interior designers on antique and new handwoven rugs for 30 years ...

We Have Decided To Close Our Showroom

(There then followed details of Saroya Rug's out of business sale, offering discounts of 40-60%.)



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