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Monday, January 13, 2003

A few days ago the San Jose Mercury News published an editorial attacking the Bush administration's environmental policies. I quote the first and last lines:

CONSIDERING what the Bush administration did to fish in the Klamath River, maybe the rumor that it plans to reduce federal oversight of small waterways is good news.

Adjudicating a ferocious drought-driven dispute between farming and fishing along the Klamath last winter, Interior Secretary Gale Norton opened the gates to divert river water to farms.

In the fall, with the river reduced to near-historic lows, 33,000 salmon died along a 36-mile stretch, as they were swimming upstream to spawn.


Always, the administration argues that more economic benefits can be obtained without harming the land and the natural life on it.

Every time it makes that argument, remember the Klamath.

This stuff about "remember the Klamath" makes me kind of nervous, because I recall the salmon my wife cooked last week. Are we going to be arrested? Also, I threw out the leftovers last night -- does that count as destroying evidence?

I mean, if killing 33,000 salmon to suit human convenience is some kind of crime, maybe the Merc editorialists should hie on over to the Ranch 99 Chinese supermarket. There you can see atrocities visited on all sorts of fish and mollusks. Take a deep breath and smell the war crime indictments!



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