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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Here in San Mateo County, California, we have a governmental body called the Sequoia Health Care District, which I will refer to hereafter has the District. The District was created to run a hospital in Redwood City called Sequoia Hospital.

However in 1996 the Hospital was sold to Catholic Health Care West, leaving the District without a health care operation. So the District recommended to dissolve itself. Ha ha ha! I am so funny sometimes. No, of course the District kept happily collecting taxes and funding vague "programs." The District had $41 million in the bank as of June 2002. When criticized by San Mateo County Grand Jury for running an operation without a hospital, the District's vice president said the grand jury's report was "rude".

Local Libertarians got sufficiently annoyed by this to do something very rude; they formed a slate of three candidates to run as board members and dissolve the District. Only one candidate, Jack Hickey, was elected. (I have no idea what voters thought the point of that was.)

What was the District's reponse to this criticism and voter insurgency? Why of course, outreach. The District graciously condescended to mail a four-page newsletter filled with glowing descriptions of its programs: Sequoia Healthcare District Supports High Tech. Center for Domestic Violence Prevention. Sequoia Healthcare District Helps County Care for Kids. The fact that the District does not operate any health care facilities somehow failed to make it into this missive.

(I also note that while Hickey was listed as a director in the newsletter, there was no mention of his crusade to dissolve the district.)



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