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Thursday, January 02, 2003

In 1985 I discovered Usenet and read it with a passion. In those days there were a few thousand newsgroups, and not too much traffic. I read news on a terminal, with the Unix rn program. Didja see that? Didja see how I put rn in Courier and you instantly knew it was a Unix command? Those were the days. A friend of mine claimed that he didn't need readers at all; he would go to the /usr/news/usenet subdirectories and read the articles right off the filesystem.

After college my interest trailed off. Around 1993 I stopped reading the newsgroups. But Alta Vista piqued my interest again, and since 1996 or so I have read, the hierarchy, and various political newsgroups.

Usnet contains a lot of cool information, and very knowledgeable denizens like James Donald and Henry Spencer. It also contains a lot of idiots. Recently I began reading I present to you some Subject lines:

Re: Harry Potter and the Lord Of The Rings. I think magic is tied to the Big Bang theory.

I don't respect the opinions of Cartman.
Cartman is not a Harry Potter character, nor is he an poster. He is the Cartman you think he is.

Do you all think Hermione could be related to Professor McGonagall
Clearly George Lucas has a lot to answer for.

If somebody actually finds a way to perform witchcraft. Ask Judge Judy?

Al Pacino as Dumbledore

Is Snape a kitten-friend? :-)



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