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Thursday, January 02, 2003

InstantMan posted a link to a report that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist saw an accident while driving on a Florida highway and stopped to give first aid. He said "this guy's going to be harder to demonize than, say, Newt Gingrich", but noted that Alexander Cockburn was trying to do so anyway.

Cockburn wrote an article for the New York Press titled "Dr. Bill Frist: Moral Monster". If Frist had the same finely honed moral sense as Commie apologizer Cockburn, I assume he would have blithely passed by the accident scene. Later he would have explained that reports that six people were killed or injured were right-wing propaganda, and anyway police and firemen and paramedics are reponsible for many deaths themselves.

My first exposure to Cockburn was in a Wall Street Journal (!) editorial twenty years ago, when he explained that while people in Poland had to stand in line for hours while shopping, that was equivalent to Westerners spending hours working. If he was that loopy two decades ago, I wonder what he's like now?



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