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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Instapundit noted that an anti-Hugo Chavez rally in Miami drew 50,000 people, and another anti-Chavez rally in Caracas had 100,000 attendees. It's a good thing I read InstaPundit, because I would never have discovered this by reading my local newspaper. The "Nation/World" section had an article about the DC protests, and the "Local" section's top article was about the San Francisco protests. Nothing about Miami or Caracas.

Which begs the question, what is really news? Why are perpetual protests by the same locked-in-the-60s retreads worthy of newsprint? Was it really a surprise that a bunch of left-wing nincompoops rallied to protest military action? That they -- hang onto your seat before you read this -- don't like George Bush?

I would never have guessed that 50,000 people in Miami disliked a government in another hemisphere enough to stage a protest. And I would never have known, were it not for the work done by the blogging community.



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