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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Jane Finch of the excellent Daily Rant (see blogroll on left) was nice enough to post an article linking to this blog. Jane described me as a "rightie", which I must politely protest. Maybe I make fun of the occasional wacked-out leftist loon, but so does Ken Layne, whom no one would call a right-winger.

I am a libertarian and an anarchist. My politics are pro-abortion, pro-cannabis, pro-crypto, pro-gun, pro-pornography, and pro-fag.

Consider the case of Yaser Esam Hamdi, an American citizen-cum-Taliban fighter who is being held as an enemy combatant. There is debate, in the blogosphere and elsewhere, as to whether Hamdi's detention is just. (See for instance this Hit & Run article and comments.)

Hamdi's case is related to that of Johnny Walker Lindh, the original American Taliban. There was also debate last year over Lindh's fate. Now a right-winger presumably finds treason to be the worst of all crimes. My thinking was the opposite; I do not approve of treason, because I do not think that Americans belong to the U.S. government. If Lindh wanted to go to a foreign land and shoot at people, including U.S. soldiers, that should be his business. America's laws should stop at the American border.

However, while Lindh should not have been prosecuted, he should certainly been left behind in Afghanistan to answer for his crimes. I imagine they would have stood him up against a wall and shot him (or worse). This is exactly what Lindh, a vile Nazi who went to a foreign land to oppress poor and helpless people, deserved.

As for Hamdi, it is reasonable for his fate to be decided by the U.S. military, because he made war on the U.S. and was present in a war zone in a foreign uniform. Once again, I oppose charging him with treason.



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