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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Jay Caruso criticized the University of Michigan affirmative action policies, and as so often happens on the Daily Rant, provoked an acrimonious free-for-all in the comments. One commenter claimed:'ll find Asian-Ams support AA for the very reason you've noted. They also tend to suffer disproportionally from various institutional practices, although not to the same degree of Af-Ams and Latinos.

Pull the other one. Here in the left-leaning Bay Area, Asians strenuously object to educational affirmative action -- which is practiced at the magnet school level, though not currently by state colleges. And what sort of "institutional practices" are Asians suffering from? They don't seem to have any problem getting good jobs, judging from my experience in the Silicon Valley workplace.

As so many bloggers have said, what did Asian kids ever do to anyone to justify denying them the fruits of their academic labors?



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