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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

One way to embarass yourself is to say something derogatory about someone, which they subsequently find out about. Awhile back I made fun of a Mountain View startup's name, "Encover." What are the odds that someone from Encover would be one of the two dozen people a day who read my blog? Well, here is some email I received last month:

I came across your musings on the web. Encover stands for "enable coverage" as in providing service and support with service contracts. BTW, the company is post dot-com era.
Sridhar Krishnan

I assume that Sridhar found me by Googling "Encover". In the future Google will probably cover all public human conversations, leading to, say, this tearful confrontation in a school lunchroom:

"Clarissa, you jerk, I can't believe you said that about me! I was just super-googling "Alicia Hayes" "loves Roger" and I saw the video of you saying I have a crush on Roger! I thought you were my friend!"



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