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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Sherry and I played at the Palo Alto club's Friday barometer game. On our first board we got a zero. But then another pair showed up, and our zero was factored to 0.07 on a 30 top. We were off and running.

This was my favorite hand of the night:

On Board 11, none vul, Sherry held as dealer:

SA95 HJ3 DQ863 CT962

She passed and LHO opened a weak 2H. I (her partner) bid 3N. RHO bid 4H. What would you do?

Sherry bid 4N, which made me decide that I would marry her all over again. My hand was SQJ HAT DT4 CAKQJ543. The spade hook was on and 4N came home for 70% of the matchpoints.

(Important safety tip: If you tell your wife that the 4N bid made you want to marry her all over again, she is likely to ask if you wouldn't marry her again if she did not bid 4N.)



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