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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Another dispatch from another Bay Area denizen for whom every street corner is Haight and Ashbury and every year is 1968:

I deeply question President Bush's ``rush to war'' against Iraq, so some of you may call me anti-American. I was at the San Francisco peace rally on Jan. 18, waving a sign with the American flag, reading ``I am a patriot . . . for peace.'' I love my country like a mother loves her wayward child. I can be supportive, but I will not be an enabler. I am hopeful that America will come back from the brink of this narcissistic, greedy, materialistic path of destruction. America can re-discover its original essence and return to the wisdom of our founding basic principles.

Let's show the world our American might. Not military might, but the might of consensus-building, unconditional kindness, constrained consumption of these earthly riches and right-mindedness.

Janice Burton
San Jose



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