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Saturday, February 22, 2003

The anti-war movement drools on:

RECENTLY, in a Washington Post article, Condoleezza Rice compared the reluctance of France and others to support war against Iraq to the appeasement of Nazi Germany before WW II. This was a comparison of a most powerful nation, Germany, and one of the weakest, Iraq.

Here are some comparisons she didn't make.

Hitler registered Jews and synagogues. Bush registered Muslims and has the FBI counting and identifying mosques.

No one in this country is forced to register because of their religion.

Hitler held secret tribunals. Bush held secret and military tribunals.

Every country has military tribunals. That's how they resolve crimes committed under military jurisdiction. Jackass.

Hitler passed the Enabling Bill for the safety of the Germans by ``temporarily'' suspending civil liberties. Bush passed the Patriot Act to secure the safety of the American people, which limits civil liberties.

When you get thrown into a concentration camp, maybe I'll act like you have a point and are not a loon.

Hitler deprived the Jews of their citizenship. The leaked Patriot Act II would allow the Bush administration to revoke citizenship.

Is there a difference between persecuting people based on their ethnicity and punishing people for treason and terrorist acts? Not on Planet Fucking Paisley.

Hitler deprived the Jews of their basic human rights without due process. Bush deprived accused American citizens of their basic human rights, detaining them without due process.

And the vats where Bush boils people into soap are where?

Hitler set up isolated concentration camps for political opponents. Bush sent illegal combatants and terrorists to isolated military prison camps.

It was the first time in history that captured soldiers were not set free with clean clothing and a floral bouqet. Shithead.

Hitler killed over 50 million people. Bush authorized the use of nuclear weapons on countries that refuse to give up weapons of mass destruction. This was a comparison of a powerful leader, Hitler, and the most powerful leader, Bush.

Arlen Comfort
Menlo Park

Hitler killed 50 million people. Bush did not kill 50 million people. That's quite an apt comparison, assclown.



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