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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Any time I object to the cost and ineffectiveness of our government, and declare a desire to toss it down the garbage disposal, some caring liberal will tell me that we need to have a government to protect the weak from rapacious corporations. Anyone who holds this belief, give yourself a pat on the back; your compatriots in Menlo Park are doing a fine job protecting Kesh Patel from the Southland Corporation, which wants to make him its serf.

Patel is the franchise owner of a 7-11 in Menlo Park on Alma Street. It burned to the ground last June. Patel, who is presumably brainwashed, wants to be re-colonialized and oppressed by Southland and has been waiting for Menlo Park to authorize the reconstruction of his store.

But the good city officials of Menlo Park don't get paid just to sit on their asses, fuck with streets until they resemble a PacMan maze, and congratulate themselves on their reasonableness and piety. No, the good city officials of Menlo Park get paid to do all that and to make Patel sit on his ass for months and go broke. As reported in today's Almanac:

Though members of the new council majority have spoken in recent months about their desire to streamline the city's various permitting processes, Mayor Nicholas Jellins said that he didn't find Mr. Patel's case germane to such comments.

Well, it's not like Jellins' paychecks have been interrupted. Here's what the modern diverse caring protecting Left has to say through the mouth of Mr. Jellins: I got mine.



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