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Saturday, February 01, 2003


I got back home at 12:45 this morning. Hamish and I drove down to LA on Monday; we made good time and were in San Bernardino by 3 p.m. We were staying at the Radisson, which adjoined the convention center where the regional was being played.

Monday night we played a tuneup session in the Charity Pairs. This is the event that usually opens the regional; however for San Bernardino there had already been a session played. The turnout was pathetic -- only five tables! There were also 11 tables of knockouts playing a few feet away.

Our game started badly as we had a misunderstanding on the first board, and I misdefended twice later. We did win our direction North-South.

The next day we got to work in the real events, the knockouts. We planned to play in KO's with Norm Rosen and Sue Abrams, a retired couple from Phoenix. We were second in our first knockout, then won the next knockout. I played well and enjoyed the tournament.

After our victory Hamish and I left for home. We had some nasty fog on I-5 and got back, as I said, at 12:45.

It's often helpful to publish blog entries immediately after you write them. I forgot, so this was delayed 12 hours.



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