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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Ken Layne linked to me and said I was funny. This is like Brad Pitt saying I am good looking. Now I can quit the blog and spend all my time playing Civilization III, because there is nothing more for me to accomplish.

I've already blogrolled Ken, so I cannot return the favor. (If you don't read his site regularly, strike yourself with a ball-peen hammer. Why are people always struck with ball-peen hammers, rather than claw hammers or jack hammers? I don't know, and because I read Ken religiously, I don't have to worry about it.) But I will say something nice about his home town.

I don't get down south much; last week when I was in San Bernardino I visited friends in Pasadena and Huntington Beach. LA struck me as a fun place, without an annoying attitude. People in the SF Bay Area have a hardon for how smart and diverse and cultured they are, which manifests itself as a horrible earnestness. Occasionally you will read hometown boosterism in a local newspaper and it sounds like some deeply depressed person trying to convince himself that he is happy because he has an average of 1.7 dates per week and 2.3 same-gender social occasions per month.

For example: I saw freeway signs advertising Farmer Boys, which apparently is some restaurant chain. There would be a picture of a hick doing something ridiculous like holding a 400-pound egg. You could never do this in the Bay Area; people would break out in hives at the very sight.



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