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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

People react to tragedy in different ways. Some shrug their shoulders and say, sometimes life is shit. Some compose elegant eulogies to the fallen.

Then there are the assholes:

WE are shocked that you would choose to print a photo of a cross marking the spot where human remains from a member of the space shuttle were found (Page 16A, Feb. 3). As there were at least two members of the crew who were not Christian, this means that there is close to a 30 percent chance that the remains marked by the cross belonged to a Hindu or a Jew. Placing a cross on these unknown remains dishonors the beliefs of any crew member who was not Christian. An American flag would have been a much more appropriate marker.

Andrea Levin and Howard Parnes
San Jose

Fortunately there is only a 0.00022 percent chance that someone who lives in San Jose is a flaming fucking retard.



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