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Thursday, February 27, 2003

The San Jose Mercury News editorial page prints the first line of the individual articles that it links to. Thus I could see in a few seconds that Molly Ivins is consistent: She may know dick about France or North Korea, but then she knows dick about anything.

Here is the teaser given in the article link:

LET'S review the bidding on North Korea. ``Review the bidding'' is a bridge player's term for ``how the hell did we get into this mess?''

To "review the bidding" is to repeat the auction aloud. No one reviews the bidding because they are in a mess; usually the request is made by a defender after the auction was complex and/or involved artificial calls. Sometimes a player was not paying attention.

Speaking of people who don't pay attention, Crazy Molly's history of the Korean crisis contains this gem:

In 1994, the Clinton administration came to something called the Agreed Framework with North Korea, under which Pyongyang agreed to put its 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods -- which can be easily converted into weapons-grade plutonium -- into storage, watched over by U.N. inspectors and cameras. In return, they were supposed to get two light-water nuclear reactors and economic and diplomatic relations.

We didn't quite live up to our end of the bargain...

That should be enough to convince you not to waste five minutes of your life reading this drivel. Besides, like me, you might have just eaten.



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