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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Sports update: I have played two sessions at the Santa Clara Regional. Last night I played in the Charity Pairs with John Jones, my partner for tomorrow's two-session pairs event. We did well for a first session, scoring 58% to win North-South in our session and I think tied for 6th overall.

We spent three hours Monday discussing our card. We play a fairly normal strong notrump 2/1 card. Here is one thing I agreed to play that I can't wait to use: Against a strong club we play that a 1H or 1S overcall shows 3 to 5 cards in that suit.

We had one disastrous misunderstanding: None vul I held ST8xx Hxx DA9xx CAxx. LHO opened 1H, John doubled, and I bid 1S. This rolled around to RHO who competed with 2H. Now what? I wanted to compete but didn't want to guess a suit, so I doubled, assuming it was takeout. According to John, standard is penalty; he floated it and we were -470.

Today I played in the side game with my friend Eric. The real events were a two-session pairs and knockouts, but Eric could not play this evening. We started out with this wonderful board: My LHO had a balanced 18-count and after her partner opened his balanced 12-count, she drove to 6N. (She could not bid 4N over 2N, you see, because that would be Blackwood.) All suits broke and all four of our honors were in the pocket; declarer scored up his 15% slam. (We actually got 1 matchpoint out of 5; declarer did not take advantage of my DKJx under dummy's AQTx -- his best play to make -- and he made 1440 instead of 1470.) Then we bid a slam which was probably somewhere between 60 and 70%. Naturally this went down.

Later we had a Texas disaster. We agreed 1) that Texas was on through 3C and 2) that systems were off over penalty doubles. These understandings are mutually exclusive -- Eric played 4H down four, which was 1020 points below par.

However we had plenty of good boards as well. With one round to go (out of six) we had 53% and were third behind the leaders' 60%. We had three tops and an average to surge to 59% and victory in the event.



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