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Saturday, March 29, 2003

I can bash San Francisco as well as the next guy. The city is full of mindless hippies whose brains stopped working in the 60's. The government is insane, and its security minions brutal. The mayor, a left-winger who so irritated Californians while he was in the state house that they passed term limit laws, is by San Francisco standards a beacon of reason and sanity.

But San Francisco is one hell of a beautiful city. My wife and I drove up after dinner and stopped at the Twin Peaks, two hills in the center of the city with an elevation of 900 feet. It was a gorgeous night -- clear, windless, in the low 60's. (The last time I was at Twin Peaks was August of 2001 and I damn near froze.) Below us was a panoramic view of the city -- both bridges, many beautiful buildings, the brightly lit stripe that was Market street. Beyond were Sausalito, the dark hump of Angel Island, and the East Bay. We peered through a telescope and saw the downtown Macy's building, and cars driving along the bridges.

Having said that, one reason why I dislike the government and inhabitants of the city is its natural beauty. It's a shame to see such potential wasted by its idiot rulers -- and the landscape to be overrun by Commies to boot.



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