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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I was going to post something about how web news is the best way to get updates about the war, but people smarter and less lazy than me beat me to it. Here's Ken Layne (and Nick Denton):

Writing about the Reuters Iraq wire, Nick Denton says:
It's a lot better than cable news, which shows pictures from Baghdad about as interesting as my holiday snaps, and commentators in infinite loop.

No kidding. So far, the teevee coverage of this war is worse than a "Daily Show" segment. Dumb jabbering, malfunctioning "video phones," endless talking heads ... no wonder the networks mostly stuck to the regular prime-time shows. Hell, "Nightline" is broadcasting from Kuwait and it still couldn't get an hour. Jimmy Kimmel went on at midnight.

(The Iraq wire is here.)

I've been working on some other stuff, cable news in the background, and just an hour ago I checked on my daily blogs. Not many were posting much, not even InstaPundit. Why? Not a helluva lot to post. Unlike the cable teevee news, we're allowed to shut up when there's nothing to report.

Exactly what I had planned to say. With TV news, they say the same thing over and over; you turn on the idiot box, figure out what 500 bytes of information they are repeating, get annoyed that they have nothing else to say, and turn it off. With web news and blogs, you just hit update every so often and see if anything has been posted.



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