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Friday, March 21, 2003

I went over to the San Francisco Indymedia site, motivated by what Andrew Ferguson calls hathos (the pleasurable sensation of despising something).

I clicked the link for "Pacifica & Indymedia Report on 2nd Persian Gulf Massacre" and saw this rather confusing paragraph:

The world protests the Second Persian Gulf Massacre by the US of poverty-striken Iraq for its oil and listener-sponsored Pacifica radio and grassroots Indymedia are there, reporting all the news from the workingclass.

The United States is going to war for oil and listener-sponsored Pacifica radio?! Oh wait, I get it. Independent media writes run-on sentences. I think I was warned that run-on sentences were bad grammar in, oh, eighth grade.

Indymedia has a comments section. Here was my contribution:

When Saddam Hussein throws dissidents into a plastic shredding machine, is that a Persian Gulf Massacre?

Just curious.



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