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Thursday, March 13, 2003

John Jay Ray emailed me "word up" about a new blog called PC Watch, which documents ridiculous applications of political correctness worldwide. Peter Cuthbertson (and Ray, who also posts) have an eye for the ridiculous and the absurd; reading their blog reminds me of the great Liberty column "Terra Incognita". For example:

Unfriendliness is PC

How heavily the obsession with equality influences the PC movement can perhaps be seen most clearly in the actions of a British welfare agency who banned a job advertisement because it discriminated against UNFRIENDLY PEOPLE! A company placed the advertisement looking for a "friendly person" for a catering-related job but the local Job Centre rejected it because they said it "may discriminate against certain applicants". See here (originally from the Bolton Evening News of June 7th, 2002 but no longer online at that site).



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