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Thursday, March 20, 2003

On my way to the bridge club I heard on the radio that protesters were gathering at UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza for a noon protest. At 11 some army officers came by to pass out yellow ribbons. They claimed that they were not trying to confront the protesters and would be gone by noon.

And then there were the anti-abortion protesters. They weren't trying to provoke the peaceniks either. Carrying huge pictures of aborted fetuses is just what they do on a cool March day.

The reporter said that anti-war protesters got into screaming matches with the anti-abortion folks and "turned into abortion rights advocates." Sounds like zany fun; too bad I couldn't be there.

I turned to The Angry Clam, our local Berkeley blogger, but he didn't have anything on the protest. Just that the anti-war folks had occupied Sproul Hall, which I assume is a building in or near Sproul Plaza.



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