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Friday, March 07, 2003

The San Jose Mercury News printed this opinion piece by Deanna Wulff called "Shut the door, save the state". I guess she wants a system of internal passports, because I came here from Indiana. And of my American friends, all but two came to the Bay Area from elsewhere: New Jersey, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Missouri, St. Louis, Michigan, two from Florida. (And two others came from less-populated regions in California.)

Wulff does attempt to dismiss this concern by stating

The fact is that most of this growth comes from immigration -- not Americans moving in and out of the state, but from foreigners. According to Californians for Population Stabilization, from 1990-1997, foreign immigrants and their offspring contributed 96 percent of California's population growth.

I don't see why I should trust this factoid when it's so obviously at variance with my personal experience. But even if we concede the point, there is a glaring logical flaw: All those Indians and Chinese and Mexicans emigrated here because there are computers to program and shops to keep and crops to pick. If we prevent immigration, there will still be tremendous demand for workers, resulting in migration from other parts of the country. All that Wulff would accomplish by doing this would be to depopulate other parts of the country, and to prevent a lot of smart, hard-working, motivated people from coming to America and making it a better place.

I have as much right to be here as Wulff does, even if she was born here and I wasn't. I found someone who wanted to hire me and someone who was willing to rent me a place to live. If that bugs Wulff, let her start her own planned community somewhere else.



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