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Friday, March 07, 2003

Today I was wandering about downtown Palo Alto and saw a black BMW whose owner had created his own bumper stickers: Stark black lettering on narrow white strips. One said:

1776: Don't tread on us
2003: We'll tread on you

and the other said

How did all our oil get under their sand?

What I want to know is

How did the remains of their martyrs get under the ruins of our skyscrapers?

I was sufficiently annoyed that I created this maxim, which is too long for a bumper but perfect for a blog:

Anyone who has been attacked has the right to attack any of the forces arrayed against him. He is not obliged to strike back only at the enemy who assaulted him, nor is he obliged to deal with his enemies in order of their power or belligerency.



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