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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Today while driving to and from the bridge club (second by 4 matchpoints -- grr) I had a chance to listen to more Crazy Commie radio. The 11 a.m. program host (Stephen Kent according to the web page) was taking calls, and he got a live one. An Iranian called up and said that he hoped the US would attack Iran next!

The host was fairly hostile and asked if that was an appropriate way to get rid of the mullahs. The caller didn't say much and was soon shooed off the air and replaced by a suitably anti-American caller. I wish Mr. Iranian had asked Kent if he had any Regime Change Fairy Dust.

Then driving back I listed to Hard Knock Radio. Hard Knock Radio is a throwback to the days when Concerned Citizens would allow themselves to be educated by angry young youth from the ghetto (who were usually protrayed as something out of the Fat Albert cartoon show).

(The Hard Knock website has a link to "Post Up on the Hard Knock radio message board." This made me ecstatic -- at long last, a 5'10" slow white guy was going to get a rebound! But it was just the usual message board. I enjoyed seeing the topic titled "I don't feel like a black man", started by Rufus Jones. I assume this is an adaptation of the wonderful character in Raising Arizona. "Sometimes I want to listen to heavy metal real hard.")

Today's guest was a woman named Dina who was an Iraqi immigrant. Dina opined that the war was about oil. Dina told us about how the US was not dependent on Middle Eastern oil, because most of our oil comes from Mexico and Venezuela.

Did this shut Dina up? Are you kidding? If you point out to a UFO nut that the picture of the alien spacecraft is actually a light bulb, he'll spend the next half hour telling you about how light bulb shapes are perfect for transdimensional space travel. Dina informed us that the US wants Iraq's oil so that it can control emerging powers like Japan, China, Germany, and Russia.

Yes, Russia, which as recently as the 1980's was the world's leading oil producer. Russia, where pools of oil kilometers wide polluted Siberia. The US shall put a proconsul in Baghdad, and have Moscow at its mercy.



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