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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Eugene Volokh answered a question from an unknown blogger on how he could get more traffic. Volokh gave several suggestions on how to get popular bloggers to link to you.

There is another strategy for getting hits which Volokh did not mention: Comments. Not in your own blog, but others. Your clever or witty comment may inspire someone to follow the link posted in the comment and read your blog.

I have been blogging for about eight months. I have emailed bloggers and gotten links as a result. (The three times I was linked by Instapundit, I got thousands of hits for a day or two.) I have also been noticed by several bloggers when they saw my comment and followed the link to my blog.

Some other advice I would add is it's the content, not the hit count, that's important. When you write a post, or a comment, or an email to another blogger, it should be about what you have to say, not about what will get you the most traffic.

Update: Aaron Haspel had the same thought several hours before me, then taunted me because I live in three time zones west of him.



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