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Thursday, April 10, 2003

I hate to add grist to Aaron Haspel's sticks and wheels lawsuit mill (see comment), but I must say, I have a job. I have been looking since January and not much happened at first. I did have a phone interview in February but nothing much came of it. The market is really grim and I figured I would have to take a job that didn't pay well or was boring or had a long commute.

Two weeks ago my luck changed. I had two phone interviews for different openings, and was invited to in-person interviews last week. Both interviews went well. The first company that I interviewed, Docent, brought me back for a second interview on Friday. At the end of the interview the hiring manager wanted to make me an offer! I got a call on Sunday from him as I was driving home from the Swiss. He made the offer, and said that they would pay the same amount that I was making at i2! My jaw dropped; I was expecting to make about 70-80% as much in this market.

I had to put him off for awhile until I heard from the other prospect. I went there for a second interview on Tuesday, and haven't heard anything since. So this morning I accepted Docent's offer. Not only is the pay good, but the work is interesting and the commute reasonably short. And the Docent office is right across the freeway from the Palo Alto Bridge Club. What can I say other than that I lucked out.

Update: I just heard back from the other company I had interviewed. They turned me down, saying that I was overqualified.



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