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Friday, April 04, 2003

I have a little routine each morning when I get up. I brew up some coffee, make some toast or cereal, and turn on the computer. Then I play SimCity 4 for 12 hours.

No, really what I do is to read the blogs. I start with InstaPundit and then branch out. I check Tim Blair, Andrew Sullivan, Damian Penny, and several others who are in time zones ahead of me and who have posted while I slept. During the war I have also been reading the Command Post.

Then I read James Donald's Usenet postings from the last 24 hours, and skim the San Jose Mercury News.

On some days I check content that is updated weekly. For instance, the Onion is published late on Tuesday afternoon. The New York Press does mass updates Monday and Tuesday, but it's been much less fun since Chris Caldwell left. And I use the Drudge Report to find links to two Washington Post columns every week: Michael Kelly on Wednesdays and Charles Krauthammer on Fridays.

But now my Wednesday is no different than my Monday or Thursday. Kelly has been killed while reporting in Iraq.



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