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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I seem to have a lot of readers recently. I didn't post yesterday because I was working on other projects. "Other projects" means goofing off, of course, but my most recent "project" is hard work. I'm trying to get Advanced Civilization, a game released on DOS in 1996, to work on my Windows 2000 computer.

Apparently Win2K is the worst of the Microsoft O/S's when it comes to DOS compatibility. I can get Advanced Civ to run, but the mouse is restricted to the upper left quarter of the screen. (This means that I cannot reach the "Quit" button and must reboot.) I downloaded a mouse driver from, but to no avail.

My friend Scott can run Advanced Civ on his XP machine. Eric can run it on his Windows 98 box. I'm the only kid on the block who's left out! Naturally these difficulties make me the more eager to get the game working. Once I finally make Windows bend to my will, I'll probably play the game a few times and forget about it.



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