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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

It's been a long time since I've blogrolled anyone. Here are two blogs worthy of your attention:

Evan Kirchhoff writes about various political and technology topics at Here is a classic essay lauded by Colby Cosh; note the wonderful turn of phrase at the finish line:

To summarize: Amis writes a book in 2002 attacking intellectuals for giving Stalin a pass. Less than a year later, the world confronts a real, live, breathing (at least until last Thursday), self-professed emulator of Stalin, except this time with the atrocities available in many convenient media formats, including some in full color. You'd think that Amis, self-assigned avenger of the Soviet dead, would be in his element here. But Amis's intellectual response apparently boils down to a three-part case: (i) Christians are dumb; (ii) Americans are dumb; (iii) American Christians are really damned dumb. If there's a position on the war in there, I missed it.


The bottom line for Amis seems to be that, sure, there might be a certain amount of horrifying torture and genocide going on over there, but on the other hand this needs to be weighed against the possibility of looking like a rube. In other words: even writing a book-length expose on the peer pressure of intellectuals is insufficient immunization against the peer pressure of intellectuals.

Jeff Jarvis is a TV critic, editor, and columnist. He publishes a blog called BuzzMachine that is well worth your time. Lately it's been two for the price of one as Jarvis has attracted a trolling commenter named Puce. Puce appears to be a European with practically no understanding of English spelling or grammar; his understanding of rational argument is even more limited. Here are some classic Puce posts (some of which came from A Small Victory):

Geneva Convantion make USA soldier of angry, kill babie and the TV reporter!

Tobey Keith make boot from cowsboy as in to boot of Hitlers!

Shut up George Bucher! You are Bush as much in Bush type, stop all war NOW

Keep away George Bush, can having not American all kill childs and starting Pizza Hutts!

It as what vasili to saying! Why all of American want Kentacky Fry Chicken in Baghdad? Make statue fallen, is not a way to have!

Typacal USA sayings! Eat more food with shoot gun!

I as makes all USA ladies for my harem. Smash all capatilist Starbock and Mountian Do.



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