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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Jim Treacher linked to's Peace Poster Contest, and snarked: "Dammit! Well, maybe next war." I went on over to the site to check out the entries.

I had originally planned to post a few of the best graphics and mock them, but decided not to as I might be violating copyright. Anyway, it's nothing you haven't seen a million times before. The predominant themes were:

  • Irrational hatred of Bush. For instance, "Reecie" screamed: "Let's fucking liberate them some more! Whaddaya say, mister president?" I guess in Reecie's circles any cathartic venting at a Republican is justified, but to me this seems like making prank phone calls to the guy to donated you a kidney.

  • General neurotic crap. Jose Acquino's offering shows a grinning idiot woman in the middle of a rainbow, with apparently feces and blood oozing from the envelope that she is standing in. I had to use the word "ironic" but it applies here; people who fly rainbow flags for other reasons aren't treated well by the kind of regimes that America is smashing.

  • Agitprop for the National Educational Association.
    One poster asserted that "for every bomb we drop, we could build a school." In America there are already a lot of government-constructed schools, and they don't work very well. In Iraq the Baath party put ammunition in every school. But no matter, it's an article of faith amongst our betters that peace and happiness increases linearly with the number of schools established. I wonder if they feel the same way about Baathist ammo dumps.

  • Hippy-dippy feelgood crap with doves and hearts and happy dancing children. People have been making fun of this drek for over thirty years, but today's flower children soldier on. Hell, people made fun of Pat Boone for a long time too. What did the guy do? He dressed up in leather and recorded a heavy metal album! If there's hope for Pat there's hope for hippies too.



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