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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Today when driving to and from my interview I got a chance for more Commie radio -- KPFA in Berkeley. I can't give very accurate descriptions of the programs that I listen to because I get disgusted with them and turn them off. For instance, I was listening to some whiny announcer quizzing a stooge about military affairs:

"So you think that uranium is in these bunker buster bombs that the US is dropping on the Iraqi people?"

Must ... control ... finger of death!

On the way out I think I heard Dina the Iraqi again. Dina had worked herself up into a lather over the issue of depleted uranium. Dina helpfully told us that uranium would not go away for five billion years. (Imagine Lisa Kudrow explaining Post-It's in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.)

I was struck by Dina's complete lack of understanding of how alpha decay works in high-atomic number radioactive elements. What does Dina think uranium decays to, feathers? It decays to thorium. A whole new vista of pseudoscience for the pea-brained leftist!

On the way back: More uranium! This time they had an expert explaining the use of depleted uranium in army munitions. He said that uranium was used because it "kills and destroys everything in its path."

As opposed to normal steel shot, which as we all know can be deflected by a stovepipe bent into a U shape.



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