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Monday, May 19, 2003

Sorry about the posting drought. A week ago Sunday I developed a sore throat, and all last week I was worn out. Sherry and I had planned a three-day weekend to coincide with the Monterey Sectional (and her birthday, which is Tuesday). I didn't want to cancel our plans and hoped that I would get over my illness.

On Friday I felt a little better. Sherry and I played the afternoon session, and we tied for first! But that night I had a terrible throat pain and earache, and did not sleep much. Saturday I was wiped out; we skipped bridge and did the usual tourist stuff, and had a quiet evening in our bed and breakfast.

That night I slept better, but I had to wake up early for a bridge date with my expert partner Hamish. I did play quite well, but the effort wore me out. Last night I had a horrid fit of coughing; I thought I was going to expell the whole of my throat lining.

At some point I was so tired after all the coughing that I went to sleep. I slept till 10 and then did what I should have done last week, which was to stay home from work and spend all day doing nothing. I hope that tomorrow I'll feel better, and will be able to post.



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