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Friday, June 06, 2003

On Tuesday many school bond proposals were rejected by voters. Nothing bugs a liberal like a failure to tax someone. Here is a Mercury News letter-writer fulminating against super-majorities:

THE headline read ``Mtn. View rejects schools tax plan'' (Page 1A, June 4). This is misleading. Better it should say, ``Minority steals will of majority who want improved school funding.''

The anti-tax voters stole the will of the pro-tax majority? So, like, they had some device that they would press against your forehead and turn you into tax resister?

Musta worn off real quick.

Look at the numbers. All but one of the Bay Area school parcel tax measures received a majority of ``yes'' votes. But many were defeated because they didn't reach the two-thirds majority that is currently required. In fact, all but two were above the 55 percent threshold proposed for such votes by Assemblyman Joe Simitian.

Maybe it is time to have an initiative that a political candidate must get a two-thirds majority in order to be elected. How many of our leaders could achieve that? President George W. Bush didn't even get 50 percent of the vote.

It is time to change this outdated, unfair law calling for a ``super majority'' for local tax measures. It cripples our public school system and lets a small minority sabotage the will of the majority.

Mary Bitondo
Los Altos

Okay Mary, I hear that more than half of Americans polled think abortion should be illegal. So we implemented your political theory and banned it. Hope you're happy!



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