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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Check out Matt Welch's evisceration of California's budget-busting governor, "Singapore" Gray Davis. Welch notes that anti-recall forces are complaining about the special election's buck-per-citizen cost:

It's funny to watch Davis get so agitated about spending $30 million, when he showed absolutely no compunction whatsoever three years ago in deliberately wasting $45 million to send a car-tax rebate by check, rather than in the form of deductions.

"I fought aggressively to make sure it was a check," Davis told the Los Angeles Times back then. "Because people don't appreciate the fact that they're getting a rebate unless they see it in their hands."

Even if Davis weren't a hypocrite, the argument would still be ridiculous. The recall cost is three orders of magnitude less than California's budget deficit. If a CEO mismanaged a public company so badly that it lost $100 million per year, do you think the board of directors would care if it cost $100,000 to buy out his contract?



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