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Thursday, September 11, 2003

How slow-witted is the Left these days? Well, the latest stupid commie talking point is to point out, with appropriate tsk-tsks, that this September 11 is the 30th anniversary of the Pinochet coup in Chile. Here's an article on the subject in the San Francisco Chronicle -- with no mention of the 30,000 goons under Allende who would abuse people who didn't want to be remolded as New Socialist Man.

A more forthright view is this French cartoon which shows a plane labelled "USA" crashing into a skyscraper labelled "Chili 1973". Those subtle Europeans. (For that matter, those artistic Europeans! I could draw better planes in grade school.)

It took the commies -- infatuated with Allende, remember -- two years to remember that other September 11? Here is the modern Left, in a nutshell, as reported by Cathy Seipp:

There were a lot of L.A. Weekly people at this party, and I fear I offended one woman when she said my dress made me look "progressive" and I said I was voting for McClintock.



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