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Monday, September 15, 2003

I didn't post last weekend because I was away on holiday. Sherry and I left Friday morning for Eureka, in northernmost California. Thursday and Friday were warm days in the Bay Area, and as we drove north of San Francisco to the local hot spot, Santa Rosa, the temperature climbed over 100 (as measured by my Subaru's thermometer). We drove still further north, and the temperature stayed above 95. Still further north, and the temperature was above 90. An hour south of Eureka saw the 80's, and my wife expressed the hope that Eureka would be warm too.

The next morning, we went into a little knickknack shop and the owner gushed about what a pleasant day it was and what a nice summer Eureka had had. And it was a nice day, in this the warmest month in Eureka -- whose average daily high in September is 63 degrees. For the whole weekend the climate was 66 degrees, sunny, blue skies, slight breeze.

(The highest temperature ever recorded in Eureka in July is 76 degrees. Eureka's all-time record high is 87, which I assume caused people to parade around nude with buckets of ice inverted upon their heads.)

Sunday we drove back; near the halfway point we detoured half an hour east to kayak in Clear Lake. In 94-degree heat.

Here's the bed and breakfast we stayed at. Evan Kirchhoff please note: it is not just Yerba Buena that boasts gaudy, self-parodying Victorians. This house was built by the current innkeeper for his personal use; he then figured out that 6500 square feet of living space was too much for him and his wife, so he began to take in guests.



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