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Thursday, September 25, 2003

If only the United States acted nice and didn't invade "harmless" countries (where "harmless" is defined as "in a state of war with us due to treaty violations"). Then all the world would love and respect us. Then other countries would treat us as well as, say, Canada:

Right in the midst of the Bill Sampson controversy, after a Canadian citizen was tortured and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, dozens of MPs, Senators and other government VIPs gorged themselves on Saudi hospitality at a big reception last night - and they were bending over backwards to avoid offending their generous hosts. ...

And worst of all, shame on newly-appointed Liberal Senator Mac Harb for mocking - yes, mocking - his countryman's allegations of torture:

"Here is someone who has been charged with a murder and who has been very successful in making himself, of being, a victim. I think we have to look at both sides of the issue," Mr. Harb said at a reception hosted by Saudi Ambassador Mohammed Al-Hussaini to honour the oil kingdom's national day.

But wait, there's more proof of the superiority of being non-aligned and defenseless:

[Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister] Bill Graham says he believes Maher Arar, the Canadian citizen sent to his native Syria because of suspected links to Al-Qaida, will get a fair trial in Syria. Why? Because that's what the Syrians told him.

(Both links from Damian Penny's excellent blog.)



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