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Monday, September 29, 2003

The Mercury News' anti-recall editorial that I mocked two posts ago has this telling sentence:

The candidates who are clear in their positions, Peter Camejo, Arianna Huffington, and Tom McClintock, reflect only a fraction of the electorate.

McClintock is polling at 18% in a three-way race, which is the level of support Jesse Ventura drew weeks before he won the gubernatorial election in Minnesota. Camejo polls at 5% on a good day. McClintock represents the views of half the United States; Camejo is a lunatic proponent of washed-up socialist ideas. It's telling that the Mercury News lumps the two in the same category.

(In the most recent debate Camejo was screaming about how illegal immigrants were "part of our family". This "family" stuff gives me the creeps. I am not the governor's dependent. I am a citizen.)



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