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Sunday, September 28, 2003

A Usenet posting by the provocative anarchist James Donald:

Only the enemies of America, the enemies of Americans, and the
enemies of freedom want order in Afghanistan.

There is order in Pakistan, and Pakistan is where the
terrorists are coming from to attack US allies and US troops in

There is order in Indonesia. Recently they arrested the
Javanese equivalent of Bin Laden, a man responsible for the
murder of a couple of hundred Australians, a few hundred non
Javanese Indonesians, and the attempted murder of the
Indonesian head of state. They gave him a very orderly trial
and very orderly due process, and sentenced him to four years
in prison.

Order like that we do not need. We do not want order. We
want the capability to kill our enemies. Order is frequently
an obstacle to this, an obstacle that we have no choice but to



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