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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Via Kausfiles I found this wonderful Mark Cooper LA Weekly column, in which he refutes's arguments against the recall.

[MoveOn:] No. 1: A single congressman brought us the recall with $1.7 million of his own money — while simultaneously putting himself forward as the man to replace the governor.

[Cooper:] Darrell Issa’s money helped spur the petition drive, but authentic voter anger produced the eventual avalanche of signatures.

Even if one accepts the notion that each of the 1.6 million recall signatures was a result of Issa’s funding, he would have “bought” the recall for about $1 per signature.

Last November, by contrast, Gray Davis won 3.5 million votes after spending $76 million. By MoveOn’s logic, Davis bought his election at 20 times the per-voter cost.


No. 5: It’s expensive: The recall election itself will cost over $60 million.

All elections are expensive. And at $60 million the entire state can apparently vote for 20 percent less than what it cost Gray Davis alone to run for office last time. Do I hear any Democratic protests over the additional costs now incurred by the court-ordered postponement?

And my favorite:

No. 6: It prevents our elected leaders from working to solve the state budget crisis and other important issues by forcing them to campaign to defend the results of a fair election.

Is this a joke someone heard in Pyongyang?




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