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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Aaron Haspel claims that baseball is the dullest game in the world. You couldn't prove that statement by the Oakland-Boston playoff series. But then "series" is a misnomer; it was more like one of the classic $39.95 pay-per-view boxing matches where Mike Tyson would KO his opponent in a minute and 45 seconds. Yesterday at this time I was idly looking forward to the game, which was more than two hours from starting. Now the Red Sox are gasping on the mat, needing to win the next three games -- and their Game 3 starter already has a postseason loss under his belt!

Read Colby Cosh's article on last night's game. Colby was rooting for the Sox, but I love him anyway. I have a mild quibble with the opening paragraph:

All I can say is, if you don't start following the Red Sox-A's American League semifinal after tonight's game, you are an insane idiot. Hey, you were already under suspicion: what were you doing that was more important than seeing Pedro Martinez square off against Tim Hudson? The answer had better be "getting married" or "burying my twin brother" or somethin'.

That's "burying my identical twin brother." A deceased twin of the fraternal variety will surely keep for 4 1/2 hours.



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