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Thursday, October 02, 2003

One more self-indulgent baseball post: Only Lerrence Tucking Fong could generate two outs on a strikeout. For those who did not watch last night's game: Fat umpire Randy Marsh stayed up past his bedtime, so by the ninth inning his normally miniscule strike zone gained about six inches on top. Long was ahead on the count, got a ball called as a strike, and on 3-2 got another ball called as a strike. But the irrepressible Long had already moved to toss his bat aside and head toward first. Meanwhile Scott Hatteberg, who had of course run on the full count, had stolen second. The catcher had to throw around Long, who was in front of the plate, and Marsh properly called Hatteberg out on interference.

Long's reward for this display of focus and favor-currying with the umpire was to be intentionally walked in the 12th inning. Lerrence Tucking Fong wintentionally ucking falked? So you can pitch to Ramon Hernandez? What more could you do to piss off the gods of baseball, pre-order a cryo-crypt for Barry Bonds?



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