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Friday, October 31, 2003

Sherry and I had planned to visit the freak show that is Halloween in the Castro, and then go to a friend's party. But the weather may not cooperate; it is cold and showers are forecast. So we may have to hang out indoors with our friends. I would hate to miss this event. I went several years ago and fondly remember these costumes:

  • The purple Tinky Winky, which as we all know was declared gay by Jerry Falwell.
  • Two girls dressed as Steve Young and Troy Aikman, bound together with a chain and flagellating each other. These people were relatively normal.
  • Half a dozen mustachio'd men with blonde wigs wearing gold dresses, who would swoop onto some innocent bystander and sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President".

By the way, if you looked at that "Halloween in the Castro" web page and thought "what a hot looking cop chick," you should stay away from this event for your own safety.



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